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Sangeet Pravah World

When a thought becomes the process then it comes true as SANGEET PRAVAH WORLD. A thought towards teaching music to the world by Pandit Avadhkishor Pandey is in front of you as Sangeet Pravah World Episodes making the whole world learn true & complete Music. Sangeet Pravah World stated "Music is Self-Productive". This Gratuitous Institution teaches with the philosophy of its originator that Music is like a pravah (regular flow) not like still water in a pool.

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About Pandit Avadhkishor Pandey

On 1st July, 1970 A man with the will and power to make the whole world learn Indian Classical Music through his dream of Sangeet Pravah World had taken birth on this Earth to serve the music lovers and disciples. Pandit Avadhkishor Pandey (Founder-Director Sangeet Pravah World) was born in Dhanmau village of Mainpuri District in Uttar Pradesh, India. His father, Late Pandit Shri Shreeram Pandey, was a farmer and had no interest in Music but Panditji had a god given gift since birth.

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About Master Nishad

Master Nishad is a talented and versatile musician. Pandit Avadhkishor Pandey was blessed with a son on 6th December 1999. He was given the name "Nishad" which means the 7th & the Highest Musical Note of Indian Classical Music. He is proving his name given by his parents by reaching the immense heights of success in Music. Master Nishad is a talented and versatile musician. From his childhood, he can play Harmonium, he is a wonderful singer & composer and has knowledge of the Indian Classical Dance form - Kathak too.

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